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Tue Mar 19 03:38:55 CET 2013

#2378: recursively convert subfolder sequences to .mov?
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Changes (by llogan):

 * status:  new => closed
 * component:  FFmpeg => undetermined
 * priority:  important => normal
 * version:  1.2 => unspecified
 * keywords:  DPX, image sequence, batch, recursive, directory =>
 * resolution:   => invalid

Old description:

> I am working on a film and I just got my set of film scans back.
> I have 260GB of DPX files. I would like to take a master directory [reel
> 1, reel 2, etc] of a series of sub-folders [shot01, shot02] of image
> sequences [DPX] and convert them all to H264 .movs that live in their
> subfolder [for previewing purposes]
> As many of the frame numbers have non-standard starting frames, is there
> a way to recursively convert the sequence without having to rename every
> sub-folder sequence to start with 00000001.dpx ?
> Thank you so much!

New description:

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