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#2385: ffmpeg does not mark xsub language properly
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 Summary of the bug:
 When creating AVI/DivX with XSub subtitles using FFmpeg the language for
 subtitles is not marked properly unless the .idx file happens to contain
 the needed "alt" tag which might be very hard to discover for casual

 When using AVIAddXSubs or an .idx file with an alt tag with FFmpeg the
 language of subtitles is recognized properly by player like PS3 with
 format (below is examples for English and French):

 alt: Subtitle - en-xx;02
 alt: Subtitle - fr-xx;02

 I've verified with PS3 that this format works with more than one subtitle

 It would seem that the optimal solution would be to

 1) Use the alt tag from the .idx file if present (=this is what happens

 2) If the user supplies something like -metadata:s:s:0 language=eng then
 it should be used (note that the lang codes are 2 chars with XSubs)

 3) If there is no alt tag in the .idx file and no metadata options
 provided in the command line then then add one based on the above format
 and the language code specified by the id tag in the .idx

 How to reproduce:
 If one creates AVI/DivX with XSubs using FFmpeg without the alt tag in the
 .idx file some player like PS3 present the language of the subtitles as
 "Other". When using the syntax about PS3 detects the language correctly
 AND automatically loads the subtitles if a subtitle for language set as
 default in the player settings is found. Currently, using any metadata
 command line parameters does not provide the necessary language
 information being added.

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