[FFmpeg-trac] #2385(undetermined:new): ffmpeg does not mark xsub language properly

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Wed Mar 20 13:49:48 CET 2013

#2385: ffmpeg does not mark xsub language properly
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Comment (by Cigaes):

 The difference of treatment between the two cases seems to boil down to
 $ diff -u <(ffprobe -loglevel 0 -show_streams test-en.idx) <(ffprobe
 -loglevel 0 -show_streams test-enxx.idx)
 --- /proc/self/fd/11    2013-03-20 13:45:42.411422486 +0100
 +++ /proc/self/fd/13    2013-03-20 13:45:42.411422486 +0100
 @@ -31,4 +31,5 @@
 +TAG:title=Subtitle - en-xx;02

 If I understand correctly the issue, it seems that the language is only
 recognized when the "title" metadata tag is present.

 And indeed, the "title" metadata tag arrives to the AVI file, while the
 "language" metadata tag is completely ignored.

 The core problem looks like it is: the AVI muxer is ignoring the
 "language" metadata tag.

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