[FFmpeg-trac] #2379(undetermined:new): FFmpeg produces broken h264 output.

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Fri Mar 22 19:54:41 CET 2013

#2379: FFmpeg produces broken h264 output.
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Comment (by dodgexander):

 >Are you sure that the deinterlacer isn't running all the time?

 Well, because of programs changing from Progressive to Interlaced, even
 for the switch to work correctly, LAV has to be set too:
 Deinterlacing:Aggressive, but this (as far as I know) doesn't always force
 interlacing on, just detects it more accurately.

 Deinterlacing: Forced is what is needed to get deinterlacing to work after
 ffmpeg processes the file and apart from this, in madVR the field order
 also has to be changed manually, which doesn't at all in .wtv.

 >Use -map 0:3 -map 0:2

 Is there any documentation that explains what these mapping functions do?
 I am guessing it means it copies between track 0-3 video and track 0-2
 audio, but not sure.

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