[FFmpeg-trac] #2379(undetermined:new): FFmpeg produces broken h264 output.

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#2379: FFmpeg produces broken h264 output.
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Comment (by dodgexander):

 > Could you try if "-ss 1" fixes all these files?

 The following works yes. But only if I place the -ss 1 before the input

 ffmpeg -report -ss 1 -i broken.wtv -vcodec copy -acodec copy -map 0:a -map
 0:v -f mpegts ss1test.ts

 > Remuxing works fine for me with the sample from ticket #2227

 It might do using ffmpeg alone, but it doesn't in MCEBuddy because of the
 mjpeg being passed as a video stream. Because of this and according to
 ramit. It messes up the process and thats why MCEBuddy has to recode about
 3 times for it to work.

 I am guessing to use ffmpeg with 3rd party tools (comskip, or a tool to
 remove particular audio tracks for example), ffmpeg is used to identify
 each stream. Since it identifies an image as a video, other tools then
 look at this image as a video and it causes them to error out. (this is
 speculative, I do not know the ins and out of how MCEBuddy works.

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