[FFmpeg-trac] #2379(undetermined:new): FFmpeg produces broken h264 output.

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Thu Mar 28 13:30:18 CET 2013

#2379: FFmpeg produces broken h264 output.
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Comment (by dodgexander):

 It isn't related to this ticket, these are two different problems.

 comment:18 is invalid which is why I asked to close this ticket, I was
 testing the wrong sample file with the wrong problem, my fault for any

 As it stands, the problem I initially opened this ticket for is the same
 as #2398. Ticket #2398 has the correct sample.

 The problem I am talking about now (at the end of the thread) is the same
 as #2220.

 The difference being, '''unlike''' shown in #2220 adding -ss 1 to the
 command '''fixes''' the problem, as you recommended above.

 Can we close this ticket and add to #2220 that -ss 1 in the command fixes
 the problem? Because I would like to understand why this is and whether
 ffmpeg can be fixed in the future so the -ss command is not needed.

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