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Fri Mar 29 13:22:24 CET 2013

#2060: Concat Demuxer Input Format - Usability enhancement
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Comment (by ramitbhalla):

 I think there's a bug in the concat demuxer, if the filename contains a
 single quote in it's name

 The concat demuxer is not able to read from the text file

 e.g. here is what the concat.txt file contains:
 file 'NCIS HD' Small_0_10.ts'
 file 'NCIS HD' Small_18_133.ts'

 ffmpeg breaks at NCIS HD and says it cannot find the file. I know the
 issue, i've tried escaping teh ' character like \' and even \\' but even
 that doesn't work.

 Is this broken? If so I'll open a new ticket.

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