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#3107: Problem using muxing example
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Comment (by ahsan):

 Above solution seems to get synthetic audio in the stream from muxing
 thx for your help

 I am still having an issue where i am trying to

 1. demux the .mp4 using demuxing example and then
 2. mux it using muxing application

 in the demux i have decoded data in
 frame->extended_data buffer with the size of
 unpadded_linesize = frame->nb_symbols*frame->format where
 nb_symbols=1024, format=8, it is 8k of data

 in the muxing example the audio buffer is filled up using
 nb_symbols=1024 and nb_channel=2

 I am not sure how to map 8k data into the muxing buffer, i have couple of
 1. how can i map this decoded buffer [demuxing example] to the emcoder
 buffer [muxing example]
 2. Is it possible to not decode the audio samples and just mux the audio
 sample after getting it from the demux

 Please let me know if there is a sample example for that available

 Really appriciate your help

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