[FFmpeg-trac] #3139(FFserver:new): ffserver says invalid stream index after feed file reaches maximum value in rtsp live streaming

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Fri Nov 15 05:06:03 CET 2013

#3139: ffserver says invalid stream index after feed file reaches maximum value in
rtsp live streaming
             Reporter:  Ashutosh     |                     Type:  defect
               Status:  new          |                 Priority:  critical
            Component:  FFserver     |                  Version:  2.0.2
             Keywords:               |               Blocked By:
  ffserver,feed file                 |  Reproduced by developer:  0
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 The current scenario:
 I am using ffserver for live streaming.ffserver.conf file is as follows:
 Port 8090
 MaxHTTPConnections 2000
 MaxClients 1000
 MaxBandwidth 1000
 CustomLog -

 RTSPPort 7654

 <Feed exile1.ffm>
 #ffmpeg http://localhost:8090/exile1.ffm
 File  exile%d.ffm
 FileMaxSize 10M
 #Launch ffmpeg -i E:\ashu\ezio.mp4
 ACL allow
 ACL allow localhost

 # if you want to use mpegts format instead of flv
 # then change "live.flv" to "live.ts"
 # and also change "Format flv" to "Format mpegts"
 <Stream live.h264>
     Format rtp
     Feed exile1.ffm
     #File "rtsp://"
     VideoCodec libx264
     VideoFrameRate 10
     VideoBitRate 530
     VideoSize 640x480
     VideoBufferSize 40000

   AVOptionVideo me_range 16
 AVOptionVideo qcomp 0.6
 AVOptionVideo qmin 10
 VideoGopSize 12
 PreRoll 15
 #Strict -1

  #   AVOptionVideo flags +global_header
 <Stream status.html>            # Server status URL
    Format status
    # Only allow local people to get the status
    ACL allow localhost
    ACL allow

 i transcode a video and push the output to feed file as follows:
      ffmpeg -i input.h264 http://localhost:8090/exile1.ffm
 and i play the video using ffplay using the command line as follows:
      ffplay -i rtsp://<IP>:7654/live.h264
 <IP>  - IP address.

 I ran first ffserver in one console window,ffmpeg in other console window
 and ffplay in other console window.
 The video plays normally by the way.
 When ffmpeg saves the streams to exile1.ffm it's file size increases.When
 filesize reaches max value i.e 10 M ,ffserver says
    [ffm 0x80048fe0 ] inavlid stream index 143
 and ffplay stops playing and says.
    Cannot use next picture in error concealment.
  I need to play the video continously without increasing the maximum size
 of the feed file.
 Any advice is highly appreciated.

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