[FFmpeg-trac] #3138(undetermined:new): VDPAU: MPEG-4 Video Corruption/Garbling with Radeon hardware decoding

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#3138: VDPAU: MPEG-4 Video Corruption/Garbling with Radeon hardware decoding
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              Version:  2.1          |  undetermined
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Comment (by aphirst):

 To rephrase what I was saying before, since I seem to have not been clear:
 * I was having trouble building ffmpeg/mplayer myself
 * I was thinking that the reason you gave specific past-versions of
 ffmpeg/mplayer for me to test is because you wanted me to see if my
 problem occured at-or-before that commit
 * I also reckoned you wanted to know if my problem was still present in
 * What I was able to do on that day was:
   1. Download stable versions of ffmpeg/mplayer from my package manager,
 dated before the subversions you specified
   2. Build mpv (the mplayer fork I primarily use) from git in such a way
 that it built against its own static instance ffmpeg (also from git)
 * My problem '''was''' present in all the older ffmpeg/mplayer versions I
 tested, and (through the git build of mpv I did) also in the latest ffmpeg

 '''Today''', however, I was able to build the specific versions of
 ffmpeg/mplayer you asked for. Unsurprisingly (at least to me) the problem
 was present in those too, and was exactly how I described in the opening

 With regards to your having tested it on Nvidia hardware; if I had to
 suggest anything, I'd say that this is probably a Radeon+VDPAU only issue.
 Maybe if someone else with an ATI card/chipset with VDPAU support can test
 it, it would add some weight to my claim?

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