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#2953: FFmpeg hangs while conversion video using libx264
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Comment (by gerrysingh7):


 i tested the command with audio disable "-an" and 1 completed, and 3
 stalled out. The stalls came at frames 22456, 64375, 76310. There seems to
 be no consistent point where it stalls.

 In all tests, I renamed the output.mp4 file of the previous test so I did
 not have an output.mp4 file to overwrite.

 i have given below the link to cmdoutput file for which conversion was
 unsuccessful, where the process stalled at frame 76310. It would appear
 that only the last 10,000 lines are saved by the CMD window, so I have no
 way to send you the complete output.

 I monitored the CPU CPU usage for ffmpeg.exe during these tests. Normally
 the CPU usage for ffmpeg.exe during processing while the CMD window is
 updating is around 50%-60%. If the CMD window "pauses", the CPU usage for
 ffmpeg.exe goes up to 98%-99%. (By "pause" I means the CMD window
 temporarily does not advance, but does eventually continue.)

 When the CMD window stalls out, the CPU usage for ffmpeg.exe goes to zero.
 I also included two screen shots of the Task Manager Processes, one with
 high usage and one with zero usage."

 I hope that this tells us something useful. Please let me know ASAP what
 we can try next, as he really needs this resolved.

 here is link to cmd output for the conversion that stalls.


 Please let me know what we can do on this further.


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