[FFmpeg-trac] #3133(undetermined:new): Incompatibilities beween ffmpeg 2.0.2 and 2.1 exposed via XBMC

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#3133: Incompatibilities beween ffmpeg 2.0.2 and 2.1 exposed via XBMC
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Changes (by cehoyos):

 * keywords:  regression => vdpau regression


 Replying to [comment:31 ordroid]:
 > Yes, this is strictly about VDPAU acceleration.

 Thank you.

 > 720p MPEG4-ASP uses about ~30% CPU with and without VDPAU.

 So it is safe to say that we can remove ASP from the testing list;-)

 > CPU usage with VDPAU enabled is about 11% for H264, VC-1 and MPEG2
 (still on bf36dc50). Note that I did not compile XBMC between these runs,
 I simply swapped the ffmpeg libs and rebooted.

 > So I guess my XBMC is already using the newer APIs?

 It would be great if you could verify this because it would indicate a
 different bug than what I thought so far. The difference in the XBMC
 source code would be that the new API uses a "hwaccel" and the
 "h264/vc1/etc. decoder while the new API was based on specific decoders
 h264_vdpau, vc1_vdpau etc.

 > It's compiled against ffmpeg master as of yesterday.

 I don't think it is generally ok to use an older shared library instead of
 the one you compiled against, using a newer one may be ok (bugs are of
 course possible), ideally you would recompile to get valid results.

 While this is quite certainly unrelated, your configure line looks very
 Perhaps testing with {{{./configure --enable-shared && make}}} wouldn't

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