[FFmpeg-trac] #3048(undetermined:new): ICL and HAVE_INLINE_ASM

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Wed Oct 16 12:21:28 CEST 2013

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Comment (by cehoyos):

 warning: only a subset of the fate tests will be run because SAMPLES is
 not spec

 Several steps are necessary if (and only if) you want to help fixing this
 ticket (not necessarily in this order, just identifying the actual
 problems will already help):
 * Download fate samples after installing rsync: {{{$ make SAMPLES=fate-
 suite fate-rsync}}}

 * Confirm that fate passes for you with unpatched FFmpeg: {{{$ make
 SAMPLES=fate-suite fate}}}

 * Patch configure locally to allow inline asm with icl

 * Post the problems here: Run make, run make again (you see twice the same
 problem), then run {{{make V=1}}} and post the output here (different
 files will probably fail, especially for mathops.h and motion_est.c
 different outputs will be needed as in {{{$ make V=1

 * Fix the problem in libavcodec/x86/mathops.h (I suspect a macro will
 suffice) and test if fate still passes (I assume you will need to revert
 the configure change and force the usage of MASK_ABS or verify that the
 assembly output is correct / identical)

 Generally: Please use current git head if you don't already do so, patches
 against release branches are only accepted in some circumstances
 (typically regressions).

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