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#4163: Encodes ncompatible videos from similar picture and audio files
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 We use FFmpeg to create a number of short videos from pictures and sound
 files like this:

 ffmpeg -loop 1 -t [length of Sound] -i Picture.jpg -i Sound.mp3 -acodec
 copy -pix_fmt yuv420p -c:v libx264 -profile:v baseline -tune stillimage
 -vf subtitles=Srtfile.srt Output.mp4

 and then we concatenate them using GPAC. Even if all the input pics are of
 the same size, 640x480, their parameters can be different after FFmpeging,
 and this makes GPAC fail. Please see:
 Mr. Romain Bouqueau promised to give more information to you if needed.

 The only difference we have found out is that the metadata of the input
 JPEG files can be different because they have been created using different
 image editors. Please see the attachment. The bank picture does not have
 DPI information but most or all of the others do. It _seems_ that the
 video created out of the bank picture is incompatible with the others. The
 issue is about an aspect ratio flag even if the aspect ratios are equal.

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