[FFmpeg-trac] #4197(build system:new): libspeex detection is broken on systems without pkg-config

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#4197: libspeex detection is broken on systems without pkg-config
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Comment (by Cigaes):

 Replying to [comment:5 cehoyos]:
 > I am willing to take the burden.

 I do not think it can work that way for the build system. The extra code
 complexity is a nuisance for anyone who needs to look at it, and, unlike
 for an isolated decoder or demuxer, that means potentially any
 contributor. The slowness, of course, affects everyone.

 > Removing this support means introducing a regression.

 The difference between a regression and the cleanup of an obsolete feature
 become useless is only a matter of point of view.

 > Not everyone who wants to compile FFmpeg can install on the target

 Is there a misunderstanding here? pkg-config is required on the build
 system, never on the target system.

 > You misunderstand: When I test, I never install the libraries but always
 link them from the build directory. (The basis is just my workflow for
 testing FFmpeg because of user reports that include using external

 For the sake of clarity, I suggest we keep the discussion about your use
 case separate from the discussion about generic users.

 Concerning generic users, can you quote actual situations where pkg-config
 is impossible to install, or at least significantly harder than the other
 required build components (including yasm)?

 You certainly will need to invoke exotic cases, cross-building or such,
 but please keep it realistic.

 Concerning your personal use case, I am pretty sure that it is possible to
 alter your work flow just slightly to adjust to a configure that requires
 pkg-config. You may possibly even save time by doing that.

 If I understand you correctly, you need to be able to build ffmpeg with
 libfoo that you just built in a separate directory but not installed. That
 looks pretty easy to achieve. Do you have any other requirement?

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