[FFmpeg-trac] #4197(build system:new): libspeex detection is broken on systems without pkg-config

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#4197: libspeex detection is broken on systems without pkg-config
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Comment (by cehoyos):

 Replying to [comment:10 Cigaes]:
 > Replying to [comment:5 cehoyos]:
 > > I am willing to take the burden.
 > I do not think it can work that way for the build system.

 I don't understand: Why should something that does work fine for x264 not
 work for other libraries?

 > The extra code complexity is a nuisance for anyone who needs to look at
 it, and, unlike for an isolated decoder or demuxer, that means potentially
 any contributor.

 I very much doubt this, especially when comparing the "complexity" of our
 configure script with any other part of FFmpeg.

 > The slowness, of course, affects everyone.

 Could you elaborate?

 > > Removing this support means introducing a regression.
 > The difference between a regression and the cleanup of an obsolete
 feature become useless is only a matter of point of view.

 Of course.
 I opened this ticket because I consider this issue a (severe) regression.

 > > Not everyone who wants to compile FFmpeg can install on the target
 > Is there a misunderstanding here? pkg-config is required on the build
 system, never on the target system.

 I meant the build system, sorry for the wrong wording.

 > > You misunderstand: When I test, I never install the libraries but
 always link them from the build directory. (The basis is just my workflow
 for testing FFmpeg because of user reports that include using external
 > For the sake of clarity, I suggest we keep the discussion about your use
 case separate from the discussion about generic users.

 I do consider myself a user.

 > Concerning generic users, can you quote actual situations where pkg-
 config is impossible to install, or at least significantly harder than the
 other required build components (including yasm)?

 I mean every user who is not an admin on the build system. Note that yasm
 is not needed on all targets.

 > You certainly will need to invoke exotic cases, cross-building or such,
 but please keep it realistic.

 Please understand while for you (as for many other FFmpeg developers) it
 is completely clear how to use pkg-config, for me as for many users who
 post on the user mailing list it is needlessly difficult.

 > Concerning your personal use case, I am pretty sure that it is possible
 to alter your work flow just slightly to adjust to a configure that
 requires pkg-config. You may possibly even save time by doing that.

 I would prefer to continue being able to configure FFmpeg without using

 > If I understand you correctly, you need to be able to build ffmpeg with
 libfoo that you just built in a separate directory but not installed. That
 looks pretty easy to achieve. Do you have any other requirement?

 Yes, I just want to be able to build (configure and build) FFmpeg with
 (most) external libraries without having to use pkg-config.

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