[FFmpeg-trac] #4168(undetermined:new): defect : mpeg2 interlaced yuv420 chroma incorrectly decoded

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#4168: defect : mpeg2 interlaced yuv420 chroma incorrectly decoded
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Comment (by clam):

 Replying to [comment:26 DonMoir]:
 > So if you are using ffmpeg_chromabug.mpg as a sample to point to how
 this is a bug, then that is incorrect. It displays perfect for me using
 the following.
 > decode->deinterlace->scale '''not''' decode->scale

 Your assumption that the user wants to deinterlace the video is incorrect.
 As a matter of fact, I use ffmpeg to convert videos without deinterlacing
 them. So it's "up to ffmpeg" to handle interlaced chroma correctly when
 deinterlacing is not required :)

 Your comment about deinterlacing is interesting though, because you say
 that the user need to call a deinterlacing filter manually when the input
 video need to be deinterlaced. IMO this breaks the purpose of a video
 transcoder/converter : there should be a way to call the filter only if
 needed (like : deinterlace only if source is interlaced), else you need to
 analyze the video before calling ffmpeg. And as far as I'm concerned when
 I call deinterlacing I always want to get a doubled framerate to avoid
 discarding half of the video.
 But this is a completely different matter, as I said we are talking here
 about format conversion without calling any filter.

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