[FFmpeg-trac] #4168(undetermined:new): defect : mpeg2 interlaced yuv420 chroma incorrectly decoded

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Sun Dec 28 23:09:26 CET 2014

#4168: defect : mpeg2 interlaced yuv420 chroma incorrectly decoded
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Comment (by michael):

 This ticket has become a bit messy, the decoder is fine, its not buggy.
 The related bug in the scale filter has been fixed by kierank.
 What remains is that the scale filter does by default scale progressively.
 So its really a issue with the default when the video indicates its
 IMHO this ticket should be closed and a new one opened that describes this
 remaining issue clearly and tersely so people dont have to read through
 this rather lengthly discussion to find out what it is and is not about

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