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#3269: Can't remux BIK to MKV
             Reporter:  Vika         |                    Owner:
  Apelsinova                         |                   Status:  reopened
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Changes (by Vika Apelsinova):

 * status:  closed => reopened
 * resolution:  invalid =>


 > it is important that FFmpeg does not mux files that neither conform to
 any specifications nor can be played by any other software.

 MPlayer and other players based on MPlayer like SMPlayer, UMPlayer,
 KMPlayer, etc. (GUI front-ends for each of the operating systems on which
 MPlayer runs) plays it successfully.

 > please forward your request to the Matroska maintainers

 Moritz Bunkus a.k.a. mosu wrote:

 we don't add CodecIDs for each and every codec out there, especially
 not for fringe formats like game video codecs. Simply mux in AVI/VfW
 compatibility mode (CodecID V_MS/VFW/FOURCC) and put the usual
 BITMAPINFOHEADER into CodecPrivate. That's the way most video codecs
 including MPEG-4 part 2 or VC1 are muxed.

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