[FFmpeg-trac] #3300(undetermined:new): Muxing example crashes on avcodec_close when using DIRAC codec

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Mon Jan 13 11:42:41 CET 2014

#3300: Muxing example crashes on avcodec_close when using DIRAC codec
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Comment (by andreiC):

 I'm not reporting two different issues, it's basically the same issue:
 avcodec_close() performs an access violation when using the dirac codec.
 I've only mentioned two use case scenario that reproduces it.

 I've tried building ffmpeg myself, managed to do it by cross-compiling on
 Ubuntu using mingw32 and it still crashed in the same way. The problem
 with building with mingw32 is that it doesnt' create symbol files that I
 can use for debugging using Visual Studio. Also I've tried building it on
 windows using mingw32 and the msvc toolchain, but apparently
 libschrodinger doesn't have support for building using mingw32 + msvc.

 I'm willing to try anything to provide a stack trace, but I've already
 tried anything I could think of and I didn't manage to build ffmpeg
 together with libschrodinger and debug symbols.

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