[FFmpeg-trac] #3303(undetermined:new): TIFF tag type (0) is not implemented

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Tue Jan 14 14:33:42 CET 2014

#3303: TIFF tag type (0) is not implemented
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Comment (by thilo.borgmann):

 Replying to [ticket:3303 gajdot]:
 > Summary of the bug: I have a problem that ffmpeg can't recognize an
 images made by an android tablet. When I try to run the command it warns
 me that tiff tag 0 is not found. The command will render, but it will just
 leave the image out of the final render.

 The warning about the type of the TIFF tag should not be related to the
 problem of the image is not in the final render.

 For the TIFF tag, type == 0 is not specified. There are two tags with type
 == 0 && id == 0 in the file, where according to the spec, for id == 0,
 type == 1 (BYTE) is required. Thus I think its some vendor specific
 nonsense for the TIFF tag side of the problem.

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