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#3323: Remove leftovers and closes the pores
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 After washing , remove the last remnants of foam with lotion or tonic.
 Lotion is quite mild on the skin and can also be used to remove eye
 makeup. Tonic is slightly stronger and also has a pore-closing function .
 If you do not have time to clean your face completely, try always a cotton
 pad with lotion and / or tonic to get over you. Face This removes at least
 the bits.

 Close with a good cream
 Close your grooming ritual with a good day or night cream , depending on
 the time. Choose a moisturizer that suits your skin type and make sure
 there is an SPF (sun protection) in. Too much exposure to UV radiation
 makes your skin age and can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Such a cream is
 not only needed in summer but also in winter, your skin is exposed to the
 sun. Choose a night cream filled with nourishing ingredients. Your skin
 works overnight extra hard at her recovery and could use some nutrient
 use. So you get up in the morning again with a radiant skin!
 Your skin through the years
 How do you change your facial skin over the years? And how are you going
 in the different stages of your life with them? A small guide that can
 help to keep your skin. In optimal condition

 Puberty to your thirtieth
 During this period, your facial skin young and elastic skin has a great
 healing power. However, your skin even at this stage of your life all the
 necessary care. Hormonal changes ensure active sebum production (sometimes
 more than you want). This can cause pimples and blackheads (comedones
 black) occur.

 It is therefore important that you properly cleanse your skin. Wen
 yourself to thoroughly clean your skin. At least every night clean Do not
 be too aggressive cleaning (no alcohol) because it can stimulate sebum
 production. Squeeze pimples not and can not get to (to prevent
 inflammation and scarring).

 Furthermore, it is important that you are well moisturizes the skin.
 Weather conditions, seasonal changes, temperature changes and other
 external factors can affect the skin, despite the active sebum production,
 drying. Choose a light, but moisturizing cream for daytime preferably with
 a protection against the sun.

 Furthermore, make sure that you have enough vitamins and minerals.
 Available skin Be moderate with junk food (very popular at this age) but
 go for plenty of fruits and vegetables and high-fiber foods, and be
 careful with fatty and fried foods.

 Puberty and the 'twenties' years are often a stormy period in which you
 lay the foundation for your life. Although you have a lot of energy,
 endurance and stamina is still good to make sure that you do not have too
 much stress (not good!). Not only your eyes but also your skin is a
 reflection of your soul. Las breaks in, make the necessary relax and find
 entertainment in sports activities or yoga.

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 You thirty to forty,
 your skin loses elasticity, loses nothing in resilience and feels dryer
 on. This is the period when the first small dry lines and wrinkles and the
 initial impetus for age spots occur. Because the aging process is
 accelerated by exposure to the sun, it is of great importance that the
 skin is re-protected with a protection factor every day.

 Furthermore, it remains moisturize the key. Make sure the moisture level
 of your skin remains optimal.


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