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#3318: New Face Travel Agency of the Year
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 Another feature of the fabric is that someone feelings of excitement, and
 could boost wild and reckless behavior.

 Not for sale

 Unfortunately the dust PEA is not for sale. In pill form or another
 However, there are ways to generate, so they begin to feel totally in
 love. Produce mote in others And remember: the higher one's level of PEA,
 the more likely it is that he / she is in love.


 Anxiety and fear also ensure the production of a large amount of PEA
 suddenly, someone quite enough to melt for you. So make your victim once
 quite frightened, or invite him / her to a horror movie or a trip bungee

 Sleek look in the eyes

 At an average contact people look at each other, but 30-60% of the eyes.
 This is not enough to stir. Loves feelings

 Forcing eye contact, someone to look deep into the eyes, causing a strong
 emotional feeling. This feeling may encourage production of PEA. Moreover,
 the brains remember that the last time someone so long looked to him /
 her, when they were in love. Your brains notify you: it can only mean one
 thing. You're in love!

 So often try to make eye contact and try to hold the gaze a little longer.
 It is important to be seconds or minutes. Do not overdo it, you do not
 generate the feeling that you are socially deprived.

 More eyes

 If you find someone attractive, increase your pupils. Scientists have
 shown that pictures where the pupils were made larger, were found more
 attractive. Increasing your pupils happens unconsciously. But when the
 light is dim, increase your pupils too. Not for nothing is in a romantic
 environment, the light is always dim. So, make use of it, take a good look
 at the person who you find attractive and dim the lights when you have the


 Even before you start your first interview, your body can tell you all a
 lot through your body language . Be so very aware of what message you send

 Laughing, friendly nod, ironing your hair back, open your hands, not with
 fists or folded together, telling someone that you are open for further
 contact, or for an interview.
 Do not hit your arms and / or legs. Do not let your hair like a curtain to
 hang your face, and do not fidget with it. This conveys a sense of not
 feeling at ease, lack of self-confidence.

 It all sounds simple. But someone only find attractive is not enough. You
 have to let the other know. Your body should show that you are open to
 further contact.


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