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#3320: Lose 5kg in two weeks
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 Lose 5kg in two weeks with this new fat burning diet. Or create a variant,
 you see them every day anew against any cover of a magazine wikkekeurig.
 Whether we you recommend them? NO Or they really provide efficient fat
 burning? NO What happens because if you follow such a crash diet, a number
 of things. First you get a lot less sugar and carbohydrate food. Your body
 goes all the sugar stored in muscle cells use energy ... And there you
 have 50% of your income al Each gram of sugar in your muscle holds ie 3
 grams of moisture. Your body has an average of 500 grams of sugars stored
 sugars so if you burn, you have had a loss of 1.5 kg. Perhaps needless to
 say that you are right at this weight back when you start eating carbs
 again. So you do not create efficient fat burning. What happens when the
 sugars are? Then your body need to look for other sources of energy and
 low kcal intake associated with such a diet is that, unfortunately, 50% of
 muscle tissue, so you still can not create fat burning. And if you also
 consider that the number of proteins (the building blocks of muscle
 tissue) that is taken at such a low kcal consumption is very low, muscle
 breakdown alarmingly high! Is it as important muscle for fat burning?
 Muscle tissue is responsible not only for the number of calories you burn
 each day, but also for the beautiful lines of a body in both women and
 men. The latter is sometimes forgotten, imagine a woman or man with hardly
 any muscle mass and little fat ... the image of what you should be, should
 not be someone who has anorexia far. So do not underestimate the
 importance of muscle tissue for a nice clean look! It is not possible! Day
 without so some crash diet ensures not only that you are after required
 little to keep eating to avoid yo-yo effect, but it also ensures that even
 if you have all your fat loss, you still does not look good! Finally a
 moment the math for those who still want to believe that such a diet a few
 kilograms of fat can burn.
 1 kg of stored fat contains 7000 calories.
 Let's now the most optimal, but unfortunately impossible, situation going:
 we assume that the whole calorie deficit in a diet of your fat stores is
 removed (not stored sugars or muscle) and we assume that you burn during
 that entire diet remains as high. When a person per day would burn 2000
 calories and a diet would follow from 1000 kcal, means that a calorie
 deficit of 1000 per day, or converted 142 grams of fat per day (1000 kcal
 / 7,000 kcal x 7000 grams fat) After 2 weeks, so this is a total of 2 kg
 of fat, is not really an efficient fat burning.
 Hard evidence that all the claims of those new diets are lies!
 Create an efficient fat burning
 Not hard at all! First, we must ensure that the body is not going to
 appeal muscle tissue as an energy source. In a calorie deficit of 500, the
 body will break down fat mainly still leave almost untouched for energy
 and muscle. This deficiency is a fat loss potential of a pound a week. To
 be clear, this is vetverli, no loss of fluid or muscle!
 This is the condition number one: no more than 500 kcal deficit.
 To proceed against loss of muscle we increase intake of the building
 blocks for this precious fabric, the proteins. Take to the extent you do
 not do this, at least 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. If
 you are doing intensive strength training at least 3 grams per kg of body
 weight. This can be done in a reasonable easy way: go at least six times a
 day to eat and take every meal at least something from the following food
 groups: lean meats, low-fat or fat fish, low-fat dairy products (low-fat
 yogurt, skim milk, low fat cottage cheese, low-fat cheese), 20 + cheese or
 protein supplements. You can enrich any meal with vegetables (cucumber,
 tomato, etc). Next step: remove carbohydrates - Your body proteins,
 carbohydrates and fats as an energy source, but the preference is for big
 carbs. Your body as long as they are not present muses about to get you to
 use (long-term efforts except sports) fat reserves. Remember this every
 time you're tempted to tackle. A candy or cookie The fat burning is then
 directly laid completely flat! Another feature of carbohydrates is that
 the body's response to carbohydrates, insulin-to make in order to
 transport. the nutrients taken into the cells But if our muscle cells are
 already filled with energy reserves, the excess will be stored as fat in
 food. Insulin, thus ensuring a flow of fatty acids from your fat cells,
 this will burn fat like swimming against the current. The more
 carbohydrates, the more insulin, the stronger the current. A too strong
 currents you go backwards instead of forward. Moreover, there are two
 times when we want to have insulin: upon awakening and after training. Our
 carbohydrate reserves are used up and must be replenished. How does my
 diet look now? So we take at least six meals a day in which the essential
 part consists of proteins. At breakfast we add to a complex carbohydrate
 source such as oatmeal, Brinta, dark rye bread or whole wheat bread. After
 training, we add a simple carbohydrate source such as fruit juice or a
 sports drink. For best results you can expect the best 30 minutes because
 the fat burning as a result of the training is still in progress. Intake
 of fats can have a huge impact on the fat, saturated (animal) fats hinder
 your progress, while Omega 3 fatty acids support fat loss. The above meals
 are low in fat, so add a tablespoon twice daily flaxseed oil to enrich the
 healthy omega-3 fatty acids the diet. Drink what the body needs water.
 Your body needs it for all processes including the breakdown of fats.
 Therefore, drink at least 2.5 liters of water per day. This is not just an
 empty rule of thumb, you'll notice the difference! Do you really Want to
 do something else, please exceptionally diet drinks. Immediately after the
 training is the perfect time for fresh fruit juice. Do this for two weeks
 and then look at the weight loss in the second week (the first week since
 you also lose some moisture). Is this more than a kilogram, then go eat
 something (because then you are also burning muscle mass), it is less than
 250 grams, then go eat slightly less. Take, as a good diet or a diet is
 that you can keep a fixed day in the week where you just eat what you want
 full. Eat delicious pizza that, please take that beer, make sure you can
 handle after that day a week against. Eat on this day also welcome many
 carbs, this will give your metabolism a boost. So much bread, pasta, rice,
 cereal, etc. Subscribe to the gym if you have not already, go to the
 supermarket for the right diet and your dream body is already 10 steps
 To reach your goal faster, you can also fatbuner use. If you want to know
 about fatbuners, please read the article Fatburners what are these

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