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#3322: Can I clean my face with a makeup remover
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 Makeup removers are no facial cleansers , although there are also facial
 cleansers to remove makeup. Finding This can obviously cause some
 confusion , although I find an all-in -one product is often very useful .
 But if you have removed your makeup with a "normal " makeup remover you
 should then clean the skin even separately .
 It is sometimes confusing because there are a lot of products that claim
 to cleansing milk , but actually only remove the superficial dirt is often
 the make-up . The skin is not cleaned well enough and that can over time
 cause problems.

 No cleansing milk / milk so ?
 By itself, that pretty , but be aware that your skin is not cleaned
 properly if you only have a cotton ball with reiniginsmelk gets on the
 skin . You can cleanser best massage on dry skin ( do not be too frugal )
 and later removed with warm water , possibly with a cotton ball ( if you
 do not say goodbye can take it * wink * ) . To finish the cleansing ritual
 you use an alcohol-free toner that removes the last pickings dirt , but
 moisturizes and soothes the skin as well.

 What cleanser should I choose , for any skin type ?
 This question is not to answer , alas ! 1-2-3 I would like to give
 everyone especially once himself to go out on research and advice ,
 finally you wearing that skin on you? You know, as the only how the skin
 reacts , how it feels and how you can make . There as best for Learn to
 listen to your skin and leaves the skin also agree with rest . First try
 to find out what the "standard " types of skin your skin is the best

 How do I recognize the different skin types ?
 Normal skin is a skin that looks good , almost no visible pores , supple ,
 radiant and does not dull looks , a healthy color with normal blood flow ,
 but also has really ever a pimple or wrinkle . Normal skin is almost
 always dehydrated , especially if you have some older.
 Oily skin is often thicker , has visible pores , pimples or blackheads
 often multiple , excess sebum making the skin shiny . You tend to choose
 to remove the " greasy " feel an intense cleanser fast, but it can work
 properly contradictory,
 Dry skin feels taut regularly , can dandruff , redness and dryness lines
 show , the skin does not feel comfortable with and often looks older.
 Of course you can also have a combination skin , the forehead and the nose
 can eg oilier skin type than the skin of the cheeks .


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