[FFmpeg-trac] #3328(undetermined:open): video "judder" issue noted after DVR-MS to MP4 conversion

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Sat Jan 25 22:33:33 CET 2014

#3328: video "judder" issue noted after DVR-MS to MP4 conversion
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Comment (by beteljuice):

 Upon further review: While the .avi file created as a result of the
 conversion using the 633b90c version of FFmpeg plays back much smoother
 than the newer 785dc14 version, I have noted some dropped frames on
 occasion during a review of the playback. This may be attributed to errors
 that display during 633b90c conversion (as shown in the following

 frame=114699 fps=140 q=2.0 size= 2652870kB time=01:19:43.77
 DTS 4783879, next:4784012000 st:2 invalid dropping
 PTS 4783879, next:4784012000 invalid dropping st:2
 DTS 4783929, next:4784062000 st:2 invalid dropping
 PTS 4783929, next:4784062000 invalid dropping st:2

 I believe that this is a bug which was corrected in newer versions of
 FFmpeg, as I don't see these errors when using 785dc14.

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