[FFmpeg-trac] #3346(undetermined:new): WAVE files unplayable if inturrupted during recording process

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#3346: WAVE files unplayable if inturrupted during recording process
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Comment (by gmvoeth):

 While Running the WAVE command if a power interruption occurs
 OR I close the batch command windows before completion of the
 recording, the wave file will be unplayable and must be deleted
 loosing all data. I am aware that good data up to the loss of power
 is still present within the file, but, the file will not open or play
 most probably because a proper header was not written to the
 prematurely closed file. This can most likely be fixed by opening
 the wave file entirely and writing the header prior to writing the
 data to the file. You already know everything you need to know
 to write a good header. The file type and -t command and sample rate and
 bit rate sets the ultimate file size of any pcm uncompressed format and
 can be written right away.
 However, not all compiler programs are able to open empty files on a disk.
 The fix for this problem requires the opening of an empty file with
 whatever data is already on the disk to its final size at closing time,
 the data being written to be the only data inserted later. COMPLETE HEADER
 occurs the file should be readable even if the data is not right, it will
 be good up to power failure with garbage at the file end. But still
 playable. I hope you understand what I am trying to say.

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