[FFmpeg-trac] #3349(undetermined:new): Use the output of ffprobe to feed options to ffmpeg

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#3349: Use the output of ffprobe to feed options to ffmpeg
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Comment (by saste):

 Replying to [ticket:3349 burek]:
 > I understand this feature is kinda highly idealistic, but I'll create it
 anyway, because if it is possible to implement even the small portion of
 it, that would also be great.

 > The idea is to use the output of ffprobe (or ffmpeg) and get the input
 video/audio parameters, which would be used to feed appropriate options to
 ffmpeg so it can encode other files in a similar fashion.

 "In a similiar fashion" doesn't make sense in a technical sense, since it
 is not clear what are the adopted silimarity criteria (codecs, bitrate,
 timestamps, pixel formats, frame rate etc.). Since there is no absolute
 answer to this, since it really depends on user requirements, I see no
 obvious/sane way to implement such a feature.

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