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#3356: feature request: Segment HLS streams on SCTE 35 markers
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 Many proprietary Apple HTTP live streaming or other HTTP streaming
 encoders accept SCTE 35 markers in the input MPEG stream. Using these
 streams, these segmenters break the segments at the points described in
 the SCTE 35 message. In addition to this, a comment is inserted into the
 M3U8 manifest to indicate that the following chunk occurred after a SCTE
 35 message.

 This is now a very common practive, but no open source solution exists.
 The great benefit of this is that it allows a downstream piece of software
 to swap out chunks when such messages occur by simple text manipulation on
 the manifest file. The most common use case for this is the insertion of
 ads between 2 SCTE 35 messages in a live stream.

 This is becoming a common feature in commercial encoders and it would be
 great to see it land in ffmpeg.

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