[FFmpeg-trac] #3355(documentation:new): mp2 decoding of decoding_encoding.c API example is broken

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Tue Jan 28 11:29:25 CET 2014

#3355: mp2 decoding of decoding_encoding.c API example is broken
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Comment (by sdem):

 I assume "test.sw" should contain raw decoded samples (16 bits, signed) of
 "test.mp2" (left channel only, I further assume). I opened "test.sw" in
 "Amadeus", an audio editor, and the signal is very distorted.
 Below is a link to a screen shot comparing the original audio ('test.mp2',
 as decoded by Amadeus) and two instances of "test.sw", made by running
 "decoding_encoding" twice. It appears that the decoded samples don't match
 the original everywhere. Also, there is some randomness in the distortion.
 I would expect the program to produce the same output when run several
 times, but it is not the case.
 NB: the screen-shot only shows a fraction of the first second for clarity,
 but the signal is distorted throughout.


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