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#1793: Widevine support
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Comment (by Kii-lon):

 Hello everyone, i'm a new user here but I have a reason for wanting to
 post here.

 I've been searching all over the internet for a way to say...decrypt an
 file as I have gotten a hold of such a file from an foreign streaming
 I never heard of an .wvm file until just a few days ago and been wondering
 to play and decode such a file...but can not.

 After all that I have searched, I'm still have not found any way to remove
 the DRM
 nor found any way to play back such a file.

 Along my search I discovered this here thread when looking up if FFmpeg
 can play/decode an widevine .wvm file but there's no support for it at
 all. Indeed...

 What captured my eye though is how someone mention that there's an Samsung
 Patch for FFmpeg that might have support to play/decrypt (I think) a
 widevine file.

 It's hard guess and the original source for the Samsung FFmpeg file is
 gone so there's no way to find out if it's possible or not...

 However, just a few minutes ago, I may...of found the Samsung FFmpeg
 source on an random git type site and I have no idea how to use such file
 or if it works but I found that the FFmpeg has the "widevine.c" file in an
 libav folder or somesort.

 Anyways I hope you guys don't mind me posting this but here's the link to
 file in a zip format that I uploaded on both "Uppit" and "Mega".

 Uppit: [http://up.ht/TE02hv/]
 MEGA: [https://mega.co.nz/#!rA8wlCJL!gNzydQvEsWxPDxp-
 Yaifl_AP53ZNjuFGiL0XDwREZtE/ MEGA - Samsung FFmpeg?]

 If any of you guys can be kind, please give the file a look and see if
 it's indeed the so-called Samsung Patch, I hope i'm not wrong haha.

 If you want an WVM file to test well...the only WVM file is an
 cartoon I got from that Foreign Streaming Site so here's the link to it:

 Uppit: [http://up.ht/TxYhCH/ Uppit - .WVM file]
 MEGA - .WVM file]

 You don't have to download the .wvm file but if you want to, here you go.
 Sorry if this isn't of help or you don't appreciate these links i'm

 Still I hope it helps in the playback of Widevine protected media and
 this can be helpful in providing Widevine support in FFmepg...in the
 future! =)

 That is all and your welcome.
 May it be of help to y'all!

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