[FFmpeg-trac] #2748(undetermined:open): Inconsistent UDP output packet size

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Wed Jul 23 15:52:46 CEST 2014

#2748: Inconsistent UDP output packet size
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Comment (by smallishzulu):

 Dear Krieger,

 To make ffmpeg stream workable with commonly used decoders, output needs
 to be multiple of 188 bytes. MTU is 1500 is standart. So, 7x118 = 1316
 bytes. If a part of ts package added to left space on MTU, decoders loose
 sync or you face with pixels/drop frames. Thats why best practice is to
 set payload with 1316 bytes with padding null. Patch does it.

 Dear Cehoyos,

 I will be glad if someone or himself can do it. This is not a bug. It is
 like a feature. It can be good for broadcasting users.

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