[FFmpeg-trac] #3449(undetermined:new): av_parser_parse2 fails on H264 elementary stream

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#3449: av_parser_parse2 fails on H264 elementary stream
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 Latest, including 2.x releases of ffmpeg have updated the function
 h264_find_frame_end in file h264_parser.c. The optimised assembler
 functions called from above function return incorrect values on x64 and
 ARM platforms.
   Older, c code implementations found in 1.2.6 version of ffmpeg behave
 correctly. With latest ffmpeg I was unable to parse correctly H264
 elementary streams, that contained multiple nalus in the input buffer. I
 use only avcodec part of ffmpeg programatically, so I don't know how could
 I trigger ffmpeg to use av_parser to build a test case. I can glady supply
 a test stream should it be necessary. Also I have tried replacing the asm
 part with the code from 1.2.6 release and that fixes the problem, so I
 suspect a bug in the asm.

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