[FFmpeg-trac] #3457(avformat:closed): HEVC encoding (to mkv) broken since Mar 9 in ffmpeg

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#3457: HEVC encoding (to mkv) broken since Mar 9 in ffmpeg
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Comment (by johnthescavenger):

 I think you must have misunderstood my words.

 So, it used to be that a command like "ffmpeg -i <video> -vcodec hevc
 out.mkv" would cause ffmpeg to do a lot of CPU work and produce a good-
 size MKV file containing HEVC video.

 Now, that same command, "ffmpeg -i <video> -vcodec hevc out.mkv" causes
 ffmpeg to die on startup with that error message, having done negligible
 CPU work, and produce an MKV file of size 0.

 VLC could play the files produced in the first case, but I don't see why
 this makes it a "VLC problem".  Actually, for that matter, ffmpeg could
 parse them too--I just tested it, it can reencode the HEVC back to mpeg4.
 And ffplay can play them.  So, no, I'm pretty sure I can say that this
 isn't a VLC problem.

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