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#3238: QScale does not work with libx264
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Changes (by llogan):

 * priority:  normal => wish
 * version:  unspecified => git-master
 * type:  defect => enhancement


 That will increase confusion:

 * `-qscale` traditionally means constant quantizer, but 99% of users
 should not be using `-qp`.

 * Users have always been told to ignore `-qscale` with libx264:
 > <Dark_Shikari> don't use qscale with libx264, ever

 * Many users will assume the linear "mpeg" quant scale of 1-31 since
 `-qscale` is most often associated with this type of encoder.

 * I believe user intent is being preserved with the current behavior. What
 is the actual user intent? Most users want `-crf` even if they do not
 actually know what they want. Adding an alias that means something else in
 other encoders is confusing.

 I think the info message is the best option and will not change current
 behavior which I think is a very important consideration.

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