[FFmpeg-trac] #3694(undetermined:closed): When transcoding from FLAC to MP3 the Year tag gets lost in the resulting mp3 file

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Tue Nov 4 16:01:10 CET 2014

#3694: When transcoding from FLAC to MP3 the Year tag gets lost in the resulting
mp3 file
             Reporter:               |                    Owner:  benoit
  dslkjlskdjfllk                     |                   Status:  closed
                 Type:  defect       |                Component:
             Priority:  normal       |  undetermined
              Version:  git-master   |               Resolution:  fixed
             Keywords:  flac mp3     |               Blocked By:
  metadata                           |  Reproduced by developer:  0
             Blocking:               |
Analyzed by developer:  0            |

Comment (by dslkjlskdjfllk):

 Hi Benoît,

 Thanks for fixing this. It took 5 months but I am glad to see this small
 bug was not overlooked.

 As I'm reading the 15 comments on this bug, it appears clear that from my
 initial bug report, and every step of the way, I had to fight , present
 solid arguments and even almost find/suggest the solution to the problem.
 It is as if the people reviewing my comment never really bothered to try
 and validate/test what I was saying, instead being dismissive as if I was
 an idiot who didn't know what I was doing. You know, the classic "support
 call" where the agent tells your "Sir, are you sure that your computer is
 plugged in" and you reply "Dude, I'm en engineer, I've been telling you
 for the past hour that there is a bug in how your application writes to
 the registry, and I've sent you the MSDN link for how it should be done,
 don't ask me if I computer is turned on!".

 I usually see this type of attitude in very junior software developer, or
 senior people with big egos who think they know everything and never make
 mistakes. Surprisingly, after all my detailed comments and dump and
 screenshots to assert my point, there was never an acknowledgement that,
 indeed, I had found a valid bug and it would be fixed at some point. As if
 to refuse to validate my initial finding.

 I'm not writing this rant to dwell on the past, but would like to invite
 the contributors of this forum/software (who are doing it for free, I
 know, and thank you) to reflect on how this conversation went by re-
 reading the initial posts, and perhaps adopt a different attitude in the
 future when people, like me, are diligent in reporting issues they
 encounter and only want to help. More effort was put into dismissing my
 assertion than investigating/validating. You could assume that someone who
 takes the time to register to a forum where he'll never return, and to
 reply multiple times with many details, has done at least a minimum of
 validation so as to not waste anybody's time. This being said, I could
 have been wrong, of course.

 Thanks for listening.

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