[FFmpeg-trac] #4099(undetermined:new): Regression in 77f1199e8fd9a289ad64eb2bb5bd4deeda8bccb8 ?

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Tue Nov 11 00:15:44 CET 2014

#4099: Regression in 77f1199e8fd9a289ad64eb2bb5bd4deeda8bccb8 ?
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 After 77f1199e8fd9a289ad64eb2bb5bd4deeda8bccb8,
 `AVCodecContext.coded_width` and `AVCodecContext.coded_height` are 0 after
 the decoder init. Those values used to be correct before that commit (for
 example when using the attached sample).

 I expect those fields to be valid after the decoder init so I see this as
 a regression. However I'm not completely sure how to understand the doc:
 > decoding: May be set by the user before opening the decoder if known
 e.g. from the container. During decoding, the decoder may overwrite those
 values as required.

 If I'm getting it wrong, it might be good to clarify the doc.

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