[FFmpeg-trac] #3958(avcodec:new): libvpx symbol check missing in configure, build-time error

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Wed Sep 17 12:00:41 CEST 2014

#3958: libvpx symbol check missing in configure, build-time error
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 I'm compiling FFmpeg with {{{--enable-libvpx}}} on Linux Mint, with libvpx
 version 1.2.0-2. Configuration succeds, but since commit
 commit 04b0dda853198980a14158809e560ea9ca9d7e33
 Author: Deb Mukherjee <debargha at google.com>
 Date:   Sun Sep 14 07:43:27 2014 -0700

     avcodec/libvpxdec: Adds decode support for formats other than 420

     Handles decoding of new VP9 profiles 1-3 with different color sampling
     and bit-depths.

     For high bitdepth (profiles 2 and 3) support, we currently need to
     with the highbitdepth branch of libvpx with --enable-experimental
     and --enable-vp9-high config options on. But eventually this branch
     be merged into master, whereafter to enable high bitdepth
     support you will need to link with libvpx with configure option
     --enable-vp9-highbitdepth on.

     Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michaelni at gmx.at>

 I got the following building time failure:
 CC      libavcodec/libvpxdec.o
 libavcodec/libvpxdec.c: In function ‘set_pix_fmt’:
 libavcodec/libvpxdec.c:71:14: error: ‘VPX_IMG_FMT_I422’ undeclared (first
 use in this function)
          case VPX_IMG_FMT_I422:
 libavcodec/libvpxdec.c:71:14: note: each undeclared identifier is reported
 only once for each function it appears in
 libavcodec/libvpxdec.c:74:14: error: ‘VPX_IMG_FMT_I444’ undeclared (first
 use in this function)
          case VPX_IMG_FMT_I444:
 make: *** [libavcodec/libvpxdec.o] Error 1

 This seems due to the reference to newly added symbols which are not
 included in my libvpx version. Adding a check in the FFmpeg configure
 script (ideally relying on some version check against the libvpx headers)
 should allow to fix the build failure.

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