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#3974: ffplay crashing with some resolutions in linux terminal
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 im new to linux.
 im trying to play a video in a terminal (not in x) with ffplay.
 the os is debian wheezy 7.6.0.
 i installed all the ffmpeg dependencies on the debian compile guide
 libgpac-dev was not in the apt-get package management so i skipped it.
 i tried to play using ffplay version 2.4 and 2.3.3.
 i compiled ffmpeg/ffplay source code with no extra options like --enable-
 im logged in as root.
 i tried this with mpeg4 native and wmv1 native codecs and both avi mpg
 i always set -aspect 4:3.
 tried with my integrated intel graphics and radeon 9250.

 ./ffplay -x 200 -y 200 -i inputvideo.avi

 ffplayer crashes with "Segmentation Faultn" in terminal when a videos
 width or height (-s widthxheight) is a multiple of 80 eg. 640x480 320x240
 160x120 480x640.
 some dimensions dont crash but show a tiny green strip motion picture but
 the input video isnt green (size is maybe 10x2) and full screen doesnt fix

 ffplay plays all videos i tried perfectly in X (xdm and gdm3).
 plays videos perfectly in the terminal with weird dimensions like 318x240
 and 638x480 and most/all with no multiples of 80.

 segmentation Faultn fd= blah blah blah

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