[FFmpeg-trac] #4344(undetermined:new): XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3

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Mon Mar 2 19:34:17 CET 2015

#4344: XSUBs are too low in PAL video, on PS3
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 I'm making test with subtitles, and when I try to convert a PAL VOB to
 Xvid with embed subs (idx/sub to xsub) it looks ok in VLC, but stretched
 and off the screen in PS3.
 It seems that only happens with videos with height over 480 pixels,
 because 720x480 subs are ok in PS3.
 It's like the PS3 thinks the bitmap subtitle are 720x480 and stretches
 them to 720x576, so lower subs are off the screen.

 Does the "-scodec xsub" encoder has any options?? I didn't find any info
 about xsub encoder, nor any parameters in FFMPEG documentation.
 Are the bitmaps fullscreen or clipped? Is there a way to set position of

 It's like the bitmaps are 720x576 but marked somewhere as 720x480??

 Summary of the bug:
 How to reproduce:
 ffmpeg -i input -scodec xsub output
 ffmpeg versión N-70148-g418be7c
 built with gcc 4.9.2 (GCC)

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