[FFmpeg-trac] #4374(avformat:new): Add support for ZIP archive file format protocol

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Wed Mar 18 09:25:37 CET 2015

#4374: Add support for ZIP archive file format protocol
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 When exchanging PNG/JPEG/DPX image sequences between computer stations it
 is easier to handle them within some archive format (uncompressed ZIP).

 It would be great if FFmpeg could read the files directly from the ZIP
 archive using a "zip://" protocol provider.

 % ffmpeg -f image2 -i "zip://MyImages.zip/img_%06d.png" -r 25 output.mov

 Sidenote: I also looked at using TAR for storing image sequences but as it
 doesn't have a file index table it has bad performance when requesting
 individual files from the archive.

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