[FFmpeg-trac] #4904(undetermined:new): Broken vp9 decoding after failed seek in webm file

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Sat Oct 3 23:51:31 CEST 2015

#4904: Broken vp9 decoding after failed seek in webm file
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Comment (by gjdfgh):

 Looking at this closer...
 - the file has only 1 index entry for video, pointing to the first packet
 - the video could indeed have only 1 keyframe (didn't check)
 - libavformat's demuxer "gives up" and does an *incorrect* seek (probably
 a fix for other broken files produced by lavf, I seem to remember a
 specific one)
 - the incorrect seek of course confuses the decoder, because the decoder
 only gets midstream packets
 - the correct behavior is seeking to the correct index entry, and decoding
 the video until the seek target is reached

 The latter is confirmed to work with lavfilters and mpv.

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