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#4922: Regression introduced in probe_cc
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 A regression was introduced by commit

 "    configure: do not fork off grep subprocess in probe_cc

     grep is not required for the functionality in this instance.
     This avoids an unnecessary fork, and also avoids a duplicated
 dumpversion call.
     Furthermore, it also corrects behavior when no minor version number is
 present, see e.g

     Signed-off-by: Ganesh Ajjanagadde <gajjanagadde at gmail.com>
     Signed-off-by: Michael Niedermayer <michael at niedermayer.cc>

 It changed from:
         if ! $_cc -dumpversion | grep -q '^2\.'; then
             _depflags='-MMD -MF $(@:.o=.d) -MT $@'

         case $gcc_basever in
             2*) _depflags='-MMD -MF $(@:.o=.d) -MT $@' ;;

 So _depflags_ prior commit 060102389e572abb2beaed3b9f5e1036aeea43f1 was
 set when gcc version was != 2

 following this commit it is set if version is 2.

 This cause to have defined as CCDEP to
 CCDEP=$(DEP$(1)) $(DEP$(1)FLAGS) $($(1)DEP_FLAGS) $< | sed -e "/^\#.*/d"
 -e "s,^[[:space:]]*$(*F)\\.o,$(@D)/$(*F).o," > $(@:.o=.d)
 ASDEP=$(DEP$(1)) $(DEP$(1)FLAGS) $($(1)DEP_FLAGS) $< | sed -e "/^\#.*/d"
 -e "s,^[[:space:]]*$(*F)\\.o,$(@D)/$(*F).o," > $(@:.o=.d)

 Making the generated config.mak unusable in scripts (makefile or qmake
 .pro) dependent on it.

 One could argue that bothering for gcc <= 4.2 is rather pointless.

 It also exposes an issue when the DEPCMD is to be evaluated:
 it is set by default to
 DEPCMD='$(DEP$(1)) $(DEP$(1)FLAGS) $($(1)DEP_FLAGS) $< | sed -e "/^\#.*/d"
 -e "s,^[[:space:]]*$(*F)\\.o,$(@D)/$(*F).o," > $(@:.o=.d)'

 this is never evaluated properly if we ever need to.

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