[FFmpeg-trac] #4925(undetermined:new): New API in kvazaar 0.7 (doesn't build with --enable-libkvazaar)

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Wed Oct 14 08:58:10 CEST 2015

#4925: New API in kvazaar 0.7 (doesn't build with --enable-libkvazaar)
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 In kvazaar 0.7 the API has been changed in encoder_encode() and thus
 ffmpeg doesn't build with --enable-libkvazaar with the following error :

 CC      libavcodec/libkvazaar.o
 libavcodec/libkvazaar.c: In function ‘libkvazaar_encode’:
 libavcodec/libkvazaar.c:176:10: error: too few arguments to function
      if (!ctx->api->encoder_encode(ctx->encoder, img_in, &data_out,
 &len_out, NULL)) {
 libavcodec/libkvazaar.c:186:9: warning: ‘ff_alloc_packet’ is deprecated
          retval = ff_alloc_packet(avpkt, len_out);
 In file included from libavcodec/libkvazaar.c:30:0:
 libavcodec/internal.h:227:33: note: declared here
  attribute_deprecated int ff_alloc_packet(AVPacket *avpkt, int size);
 common.mak:57: recipe for target 'libavcodec/libkvazaar.o' failed

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