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#4944: -r output option misguiding documentation
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Comment (by basinilya):

 Replying to [comment:1 cehoyos]:
 > The relevant output would be the one of {{{ffmpeg -i output.mkv}}},
 FFmpeg's matroska muxer supports variable frame rate, so it is not
 necessary to actually write the duplicated frames to the output file.
 Please compare with a muxer that does not support vfr like {{{mov}}} or
 use {{{-vsync cfr}}} to force the actual frame duplication.

 Then how about we write something like this:
 As an output option, set the declared video stream fps. Together with the
 chosen '-vsync' method this affects duplicating or dropping frames.
 Let them go and read the description of {{{-vsync}}} instead of
 duplicating it here.

 Tested with {{{mov}}}: by default it really duplicates frames, but I did
 the opposite to your advice and applied {{{-vsync vfr}}}, which produced a
 vfr mov. So it does support vfr!

 Found a cfr-only container: {{{yuv4mpegpipe}}}.

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