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Fri Oct 23 12:03:22 CEST 2015

#4937: memory leak in muxing.c
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Comment (by blinky0815):

 So, the good news is that Valgrind and top do not indicate a memory leak.
 Top shows constant memory usage for the muxing process.
 And as promised I ran Massif for the full 7200 seconds, which took almost
 forever to finish.
 The output is attached to this ticket.
 The attached muxing.c contains the changes described in the initial post.
 However, memory ''does disappear'' while running the muxing example.
 To further illustrate this, I ran muxing and logged top's output into a
 file and plotted the result.
 Note that this graph really reflects the memory consumption while running
 muxing. I wasn't even in the office while it was running.

 The result so far is really strange.

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