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#3622: Second audio track in mov sometimes marked as default
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Comment (by jheliker):

 Replying to [comment:19 kennyboy97]:
 > The fix proposed and executed in this ticket works for a specific
 workflow. However there are other workflows that require all audio tracks
 to be enabled upon the MOV being created such as delivery to iTunes, or
 Netflix, or professional post production facilities internal workflows. I
 would like to propose (if it's possible) to have some type of switch in
 the code allowing someone to tell FFMPEG to either make only track 1
 enabled or to make all tracks enabled.

 I work with many people facing this same issue. It's surprising to me that
 the FFmpeg developers would introduce a behavior like this without any
 mechanism of control, to satisfy one user's request:

 That said, per the attached screen shot, the issue here is that the audio
 tracks are being created as alternates to each other, so there is no way
 to enable all created audio tracks, and save, unless you remove the
 Alternate assignment in QuickTime Player 7 (Pro). This behavior makes a
 major assumption that your audio content is alternative ie. languages that
 need to be switched, instead of perhaps stereo, 5.1, and M&E across 3
 audio tracks of the QuickTime file. Is there any plan to fix this?

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