[FFmpeg-trac] #5998(undetermined:new): ffmpeg 3.1.0 and later fails converting some MKVs with "sample_fmt" error

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Tue Dec 6 18:40:27 EET 2016

#5998: ffmpeg 3.1.0 and later fails converting some MKVs with "sample_fmt" error
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 the error occurs at least on the file 'Goodnight.Mommy.2014.Bluray.1080p
 .DTS-HD.x264-Grym.mkv' but this one is 13GB and hard to get.

 i tried to cut out a smaller sample out of the MKV so i could upload it
 here, but unfortunately the error doesn't occur on the cut sample. if
 anyone has any ideas for getting a smaller sample to exhibit the same
 issue, please let me know.

 so, assuming you have downloaded the 'offending' file and named it bug.mkv
 ffmpeg -i bug.mkv -acodec ac3 -vcodec copy bug.mp4
 works fine for every version up to and including version 3.0.2
 versions starting with 3.1.0 and including up to git snapshot
 82713-g4e6d1c1 from 1.12 just fail to convert the file with:
 'Error setting option sample_fmt to value'

 i'll upload complete command line outputs for conversion with working
 (3.0.2) version and failing version (3.1.0).

 if there are any additional informations i could provide please let me

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