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#5858: HLS single file playback broken when encryption enabled
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Comment (by bmurphy1976):

 Here's an example, hopefully this is enough to get you started:

 packager \

 You probably want to look at these options as well:

 --aes_signing_key $AES_KEY
 --aes_signing_iv  $AES_IV

 I'm not currently using the built-in AES encryption, I'm using older code
 I wrote that adds the encryption to the HLS files post-mux, but I think
 those are the correct options.

 Also, keep in mind that Shaka spits out the audio and video streams as
 separate sets of segmented files.  I have not found a way to create a
 combined audio/video set using Shaka.

 That said, I've also found that mp42hls https://github.com/axiomatic-
 systems/Bento4/tree/master/Source/C%2B%2B/Apps may be another viable
 option.  I'm still experimenting with it, but so far it at least works on
 my test videos (unlike ffmpeg).  This one will spit out a combined
 audio/video stream so it may work better for you depending on your needs
 and licensing restrictions.

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