[FFmpeg-trac] #6043(undetermined:closed): hls muxer states "failed to delete old segment" but not

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Sun Dec 25 00:36:15 EET 2016

#6043: hls muxer states "failed to delete old segment" but not
             Reporter:  doubleb      |                    Owner:  stevenliu
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Comment (by doubleb):

 So as I understand from your test, these error messages come from the
 fact, that -use_localtime option may produce identical segment names for
 different segments even when -hls_time value is greater then 2.
 I think hls_enc should give a warning log message in these cases when it
 produces same segment names as an existing one in its segment maintain
 My original ffmpeg command line - when I discovered these error messages -
 contained video content in hls, but I removed that part in my error report
 to be reproducible without libx264 encoder. So, these case may appear in
 normal (video+audio) cases also.
 Thanky ou for your help.

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